30 Days of Green Challenge

Last year I challenged myself to “30 Days of Salad” (eat one salad a day for 30 days) but this year I’ve wanted to do something even more approachable so that other people can join in. I’ve partnered with my friend, body builder, personal trainer, and super motivator, Martha Munroe, to put on this new challenge for August.


Eat at one green food (with a focus on green vegetables) every day for 30 days!


Green foods are great for you, as are vegetables and fruits in general. This challenge is to encourage all of us to up our veggie intakes in the easiest ways as possible.


One green food a day… It’s as simple as that. If that’s easy for you, aim for 2+. You’re welcome to set your own goals. Just think about achievable steps.


Share your grocery lists or meal plans or photos of your food however much as you like. Ask questions whenever you would like.
We’re going to get started with our challenge “officially” on August 1st.

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Mark your calendars and let’s get ready to go green in August!

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