Dandelion Dark Circle Blaster – Green Juice Recipe

Dandelion greens are powerful! This is a strong juice with positive, visible effects. If you’re looking for the best natural solution to dark circles under your eyes, this is it!

I’m prone to dark circles under my eyes. In my case, it’s caused by environmental allergies and is also hereditary. After a juice feast last year when I included a lot of dandelion greens, I noticed that the dark circles had disappeared. I started experimenting with dandelion juice and discovered a powerful dark circle blaster!

I should say that this is not a particularly delicious juice. Dandelions are strong. I generally shoot this back quickly, and I feel like Popeye at the end. Energized!


  • Good sized bunch of dandelion greens, washed well
  • 2 lemons
  • Thumb sized nub of ginger


I cut the peel from my lemons before I juice them because the pith is very bitter.

Shoot this juice back and case with with water. KAPOW!


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