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What blender should I get?I have a Vitamix and it's phenomenal, truly the cream of the crop. However, it's an investment. To read more about blenders, ready this blog post. How to Choose the Best Blender for Green Smoothies
What juicer should I get?I have the Omega 8006. It's one of the best juicers for juicing leafy greens. Here's a blog post that outlines some options and considerations. How to Choose the Best Juicer for Green Juice
Juice fasting sounds extreme. Why should I consider it?Juice feasting is very powerful and healing. People have cured all sorts of illnesses, from cancer to diabetes. Read more about juice feasting here. Green Juice for Healing & Health
What's better, juicing or blending?There's no quick answer to this question. They are very different. Both are amazingly powerful. My short answer is that I blend and drink green smoothies far more often than green juice simply because it's faster, but for more elaborate information, please read my blog post.Which is Better, Juicing or Blending? Green Juice vs. Green Smoothies

Here are some helpful, informative articles:

Why I've switched protein powders

For several years, I’ve been touting Sun Warrior as the tastiest vegan, soy-free protein powder. It’s terrific! But at a certain point, the price started to feel ridiculous. In the last year, they started to include less product in the same container, and as much as I’d like to say...Read More »

How to Keep Produce Fresh

I have a new favourite way to keep my leafy greens and other fresh fruits and vegetables fresh. This is not a paid endorsement. This is genuinely a product that I saw on Shark Tank that immediately resonated with me.

Do you know the trick about putting paper towels in with...Read More »

Setting Water Goals

I used to be a camel.

Really. As a kid and teenager, I never drank any water at all. I’d occasionally drink a bit of juice. Processed fruit juice of course. I lived in a constant state of dehydration.Yuck. That’s pretty normal though with Standard American Diet (and...Read More »

How Drinking Green Smoothies Can Help Your IBS

Like many people, I have IBS. Fun stuff. I actually find the blanket term of “IBS” to be incredibly irritating, because it’s a term that’s slapped on to cover such a wide array of sensitivities that the name really stops meaning anything. Chronic constipation? You’ve got IBS. Frequent diarrhea? You’ve...Read More »

Healing Vocal Nodules Naturally

What are Vocal Nodules?

Vocal cord nodules are growths that develop on both vocal cords. Also called “nodes”, they are a type of hard callous that develops as a result of vocal abuse. Thankfully, vocal nodules are benign/noncancerous but they can cause chronic laryngitis, discomfort, pain, and when they become...Read More »

Why Reishi is the Best Superfood in the World

Reishi mushrooms are a powerful superfood that have quite possibly saved both my husband and my father from fatal illness. In this post I’m going to look at the incredible reishi mushroom and why it’s the most powerful superfood in the world and how my family takes reishi every day to...Read More »

Green Juice for Healing & Health - Juice Feasting/Fasting/Cleansing

Green juice is extremely powerful and healing. I take a break from solid food a few times a year to juice “feast” as many of us juicers like to call it. Sometimes I just take a day, and sometimes I take as long as a week. I know people who...Read More »

How to Choose the Best Juicer for Green Juice

There are several kinds of juicers. What it really comes down to is that for the purpose of juicing leafy greens, only certain kinds of what are called *slow juicers* will do the trick. I have an auger slow juicer, the Omega 8006. I love it. Where with blenders you...Read More »

How to Choose the Best Blender for Green Smoothies

My prized possession – truly, my dessert island piece of kitchen equipment – is my Vitamix. Yes, they’re pricey. However, I use it every single day and have been using it every day since I bought it in 2011. Seriously. Everyone who owns a Vitamix will say the same thing....Read More »

Which is Better, Juicing or Blending? Green Juice vs. Green Smoothies

There comes a time in every healthy journey when a person asks the internet, when should I blend vs. juice? What are the benefits of each? Here’s my take on it.

Juicing is aaaamazing. You can take in a vastly condensed amount of vitamins and nutrients from fresh vegetable juice. Because juicing...Read More »

Superfoods & Supplements to add to your Green Smoothie

The word “superfood” is thrown around a lot, and there are truly an amazing number of foods that are wonderful for your health. There are common foods, like blueberries for example, that are filled with antioxidants, but I’m not going to speak about those. There are also foods that were...Read More »