My 3 Favourite Green Smoothie Websites

There are a lot of green smoothie websites on the internet with a lot of great information. However, a lot of sites can get pretty salesy which might put you off. I get it. People are trying to make a living. I don’t fault them for it. However, I have 3 favourite websites that aren’t sales-forward, provide great information, and solid recipes. Here are my top 3 green smoothie websites:


Raw Family

Raw Family Green SmoothiesI love the emphasis on both RAW and GREEN… really green. You can see from the photos that the recipes really do all come out the colour green. Love it.


Incredible Smoothies

Incredible Green SmoothiesWhat I really like about this website is that you can sort through the recipes by specific health needs:


Simple Green Smoothies

Favourite Green Smoothie WebsitesA lovely, highly visual website that will let you feast with your eyes as well as give you the recipes to let you feast on delicious green smoothies:

My Own Recipes

And of course, I’ve got my own go-to recipes. I don’t often follow other people’s recipes anymore, though I do enjoy getting ideas from them. I’ve got my old favourites to get me through most mornings.

Tropical Mango Green Smoothie for Glowing Skin

Mango is full of carotenoids that are wonderful for your skin and coconut oil is amazing for your skin, both inside and out. And the flavour of mango captures a tropical feeling that pairs perfectly with the taste of a good quality coconut oil.

Use any type of kale that you...Read More »

Kale & Pineapple Green Smoothie Recipe

Naturally sweet pineapple pairs wonderfully with kale… and the best part of this smoothie might just be the bright green colour!

Pineapple is a great fruit to use when you’re adding a lot of strong flavoured superfoods. It’s one of the more powerful flavours that you can use and it will...Read More »

Spinach & Raspberry Green Smoothie Recipe

Spinach, raspberries, and banana form the basis for this favourite morning smoothie. 

This is perhaps my very favourite smoothie, and though it’s considered a “green” smoothie, the deep colour of the raspberries actually has it coming out red.

NB: First, you’ll need a high powered blender. Raspberries have very tiny seeds and...Read More »

Cacao Berry Green Smoothie Recipe

Cacao, the most pure superfood form of chocolate, provides antioxidants and energy in this delicious green morning smoothie.

I don’t include cacao in my smoothie every day, so when I do it’s definitely a treat! This recipe also works really well with superfoods like maca. It’s also a perfect recipe for...Read More »

Superfoods & Supplements to add to your Green Smoothie

The word “superfood” is thrown around a lot, and there are truly an amazing number of foods that are wonderful for your health. There are common foods, like blueberries for example, that are filled with antioxidants, but I’m not going to speak about those. There are also foods that were...Read More »

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