Healthy Holidays – Balance & Indulgence

December has been Chocolate Month for me. I’ve consumed chocolate every single day this month! It had been such a long time since I’d eaten much chocolate, but I’m definitely hooked again. I’m enjoying all of it right now, but I plan to ween myself off of both the caffeine and the sugar once the holidays are done.

I made homemade “turtles” to give to my family for the holidays. I more or less followed this recipe for Homemade Raw Vegan Turtles Chocolates, though I didn’t bother to try to keep the chocolate raw. Every time I try to make my own raw chocolate, I’m sure that I get the temperature up too high so I just gave up. I bought some good quality dark chocolate and melted it in combination with date caramel and pecans. They came out great!

Homemade Turtles

Thank goodness that I’ve had the time to hit the gym so much this month. I’ve really been enjoying running at least once a week, weights once a week, and at least 2-3 additional days of cardio. Working at a desk all day, I need that exercise time or I’ll go insane. Our bodies are meant to move and mine feels so much better after I oblige.

For Christmas Eve, I’m planning to have a Oh She Glows Perfect Veggie Burger as my meat substitute at my mother in law’s place. It’s such a great recipe. These are great to keep in the fridge as a savoury snack too, especially if you let them dry out slightly in the oven. They’re like a delicious and savoury granola bar substitute. I highly recommend them! For Christmas Even, it will be perfect hot with cranberry sauce, and I’ll also bring a salad. Not sure how my mother in law will feel about kale, but the salad is more for me anyways so I may as well enjoy it. My father is vegetarian so on Christmas Day I don’t have to plan around a meat-meal.

This time I used kidney beans (forgot to mash them) and roasted sweet potato instead of shredded carrot. Delicious!
This time I used kidney beans (forgot to mash them) and roasted sweet potato instead of shredded carrot. Delicious!

As a ghost blogger, I do so much writing for all of my clients that I don’t get to post much to my own blogs. As a little new year’s resolution, I’m going to try to post more for myself in 2016.

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