Dessert Recipes

Pucker Up Raw Lemon Squares

Yesterday I participated in Toronto’s Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off! I entered in the raw category with an updated version of my original raw lemon squares. It was a really neat experience!

I competed as part of Team Lindy Hop. In the above photo, I’m on the far right....Read More »

Raw Peaches n' Cream Squares

I picked up some fresh Niagara peaches at the Peach festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake this weekend. Here’s a little raw recipe that I’ve whipped together for a party tomorrow. As usual, in the moment this was a play it by ear recipe but it came out great!

Raw Peach Square Recipe


How to Make Raw Vegan Pie Crust

This is a post about making raw vegan Pie Crust, Cookie Crust, or Brownie Crust for your Dessert Base.

Most raw vegan dessert bases will come out like a cookie or a brownie crust more than like a flaky pie crust. This is my favourite kind of consistency, so I’m definitely...Read More »

Raw Vegan Icing Recipe

I can’t believe how easy and delicious coconut butter is to use as a base for icing. Amazing! Even people who don’t [think] they like coconut love this icing.

First, to make coconut butter, simply pulverize unsweetened coconut flakes in the food processor along with a little drop of coconut oil....Read More »

Raw Vegan Brownie Recipes

Like many people, I found my way to raw vegan cuisine through the incredible desserts. The simplicity of raw vegan brownies still amazes me. I can’t imagine anything being easier and yet so delicious, and made with wholesome ingredients. It’s astonishing.

I certainly wish that I’d discovered this brilliant method of...Read More »

Homemade Coconut Butter

I use coconut butter in most of my raw vegan dessert recipes. It’s a really handy ingredient. Not only is it delicious but it helps to solidify and give texture to recipes that would otherwise be too liquidy and soft.

Many people use cashews in a similar way for their raw...Read More »