Vegan Potato Salad Recipe

I made a potato salad for the Garden City Food Co-op’s picnic yesterday and since one woman loved it so much, I thought I’d share my ingredients here. Maybe calling it a “recipe” is a bit too structured. I really don’t measure the exact quantities, but I consistently use the same ingredients and it all […]

Vegan Mac n’ Cheese

Super delicious vegan “cheese” sauce made with squash or pumpkin, full of vitamin A! It wasn’t a very hard winter around here–not like last year’s Arctic winter–but spring has been dragging its feet. I do love raw food and I do embrace the raw spirit, but sometimes I just want some hot comfort food. I […]

Raw Vegan Icing Recipe

I can’t believe how easy and delicious coconut butter is to use as a base for icing. Amazing! Even people who don’t [think] they like coconut love this icing. First, to make coconut butter, simply pulverize unsweetened coconut flakes in the food processor along with a little drop of coconut oil. It takes a while […]

Raw Vegan Brownie Recipes

Like many people, I found my way to raw vegan cuisine through the incredible desserts. The simplicity of raw vegan brownies still amazes me. I can’t imagine anything being easier and yet so delicious, and made with wholesome ingredients. It’s astonishing. I certainly wish that I’d discovered this brilliant method of indulging my sweet tooth […]