Vegan Potato Salad Recipe

I made a potato salad for the Garden City Food Co-op’s picnic yesterday and since one woman loved it so much, I thought I’d share my ingredients here. Maybe calling it a “recipe” is a bit too structured. I really don’t measure the exact quantities, but I consistently use the same ingredients and it all works to taste.

I like to add tumeric to the boiling liquid because it will give it a lovely yellow colour! And it’s good for you too.


  • Potatoes – about 8, I use red – peeled and chopped into pieces
  • Vegetable stock or water for boiling (I had to use up veg stock I made from juicing which adds some extra flavour, but water is also fine)
  • Tumeric – about 1 tsp right into the boiling water
  • Salt for the boiling water & salt to taste – a pinch
  • Tahini – maybe 1/4 cup
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – maybe 1/4 cup or more
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – start with 3 tbsps
  • Coconut Vinegar (or raw honey is good but it’s not vegan) – about 3 tbsps
  • Garlic powder – about 1 tbsp
  • Red or green onion
  • Peas – from frozen or fresh, optional
  • Dill or herbs of choice, optional


  1. First get your potatoes boiling in the water or vegetable stock.
  2. While the potatoes are boiling, get a large bowl and add your tahini and olive oil at the bottom and whisk it together. Add the Apple Cider Vinegar and whisk it again. Next add your sweetener. It might start to get lump. If it does, add some more olive oil. Taste it and see how it is. You could add more ACV – it’s better to be a bit more on the sour side as that sourness really disappears once you add it to the potatoes. When it’s getting to be a pretty good flavour, add the garlic and alt to taste. You can play around with these ingredients and get the flavour you like.
  3. When your potatoes are boiled, strain them and add the pieces, still hot, directly to the bowl that has the “dressing” on the bottom. Make sure that all of the potatoes are covered in the dressing so that it soaks it up while still hot. Let it cool a little bit. If they’re a bit too dry, you could drizzle with a bit more olive oil.
  4. Add your peas while the potatoes are still warm but not too hot.
  5. When everything is cool, add your onion and herbs. If needed, add a bit more salt to taste.

It’s a pretty easy and versatile dressing recipe that works for a lot of things. Hope you like it!

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