Setting Water Goals

Drink More WaterI used to be a camel.

Really. As a kid and teenager, I never drank any water at all. I’d occasionally drink a bit of juice. Processed fruit juice of course. I lived in a constant state of dehydration.Yuck. That’s pretty normal though with Standard American Diet (and Canadian for that matter). I’m just lucky that I didn’t grow up as a pop drinker. The lack of water really explains a lot about my IBS development and it’s a wonder that I didn’t have more health challenges.

When I began my journey to improve my health, I knew that there was one easy favour that I could do for my health and that was to start drinking more water. When I started to increase my water intake, it made a huge difference in my life! Our bodies are made up primarily of water, after all. We are 70% water. I started to track my water intake carefully to make sure that I was consuming enough and it became a pretty easy habit for a long while, but recently I’ve noticed that the habit has been slipping.

Interestingly, one of my ghost blogging clients is a health & nutrition coach who is running a 30 Day Water Challenge in January. I figure it’s a good time to get focused on my own water intake again. It’s been a long time since I tracked my water totals so it will be good for me.

The goal is to drink half of your weight in ounces. So if you weigh 140 pounds, for example, your goal would be 70 oz. of water each day.

I’ve just done some measuring of my usual drinking vessels. The glasses that I drink from at home, since I don’t usually fill them right to the top, will count as 12 oz. I usually fill my “It’s A Small World” mug with a bit more for herbal tea, but I’ll count that as 12 oz. as well to keep things easy. My bird water bottle is also 12 oz. My morning smoothie is about 10 oz. of water but I always drink a bit of extra water first to take my probiotic so I’ll count that as 12 oz. too for a clean sweep, so I just need to make sure that I’m drinking 6 vessels of water each day.

Bird Water Bottle, It's A Small World Mug

I’m already consuming more than 64 oz. a day so I’m setting my goal as 72 oz.

My Water Goal: 72 oz.

Water Plan:

  • Morning
    • Smoothie
    • 1 glass (with “Calm” magnesium”)
  • Lunch
    • 1 glass
  • Afternoon
    • 2 glasses
  • Evening
    • 1 glass

It will be a good reminder to set this as a goal throughout January to really lock it in as a habit again.

If you want to do one easy thing to improve your health this new year, join me in drinking more water.

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